Flight Experience - Perth

Peter Chin owner of Perth Flight Experience Airline Captain with more than 30 years experience

Captain Peter Chin, owner of Perth Flight Experience

A passionate pilot with 40 years of experience (18,000 flying hours) all around the world, Perth Flight Experience owner, Captain Peter Chin, has aviation fuel running in his veins!

He began his career in Australia by gaining his commercial pilot's licence. Then it was off to the UK where he completed instructor rating in Oxford and then went on to teach students at Southend and Stansted airports. The call of the Lucky Country was too strong for him, so after a few years he returned back to Perth where he spent a year instructing at Jandakot. He then spent a happy 12 years flying 747s, 767s and 747-700s at Qantas, first as Second Officer and later as First Officer.

Then it was on to Emirates where he flew the Boeing 777 and was promoted to Captain. After 16 years he retired and returned to Perth with his wife.

Since 2016 the two have owned and run the Perth franchise of Flight Experience where pilots in training are able to benefit from Captain Chin's rich experience and instruction expertise, such as MCC.