Andrew L, Hong Kong

I’m so happy to advise you that I have been offered a First Officer position on B777 with Emirates Airlines … I like to take this opportunity to thank you and Flight Deck Consulting for making my dream come true. Your advice and guidance on interview preparation played a big part on me getting the job offer from Emirates. And I personally believe that if it wasn’t for you I would never have been able to pass the panel and pysch test. Thank you for your rapid response to my situation.  In the short time I had your DVD and interview guide (i.e. one weekend) it made a great difference to how I approached my second command interview.  Thankfully I start my command training on the 5th of July! When it is time for me to move on into something that uses Mach numbers I’ll be sure to get in contact with you again for further assistance. Once again thank you for your help and your great product!